Tablet equipped with Camera

for body temperature reading

easily integrated into the system

Access Control and Gate Control.

B2A is a fast-growing company, formed

young, motivated, competent people,

state-of-the-art and always ready to find

adaptable solutions for every need.


The our goal is to provide solutions, products and services to help speed up, organize work and monitor the processing cycle of vegetable fruits and vegetables in support of fruit and vegetable warehouses.

The our specific Know-How and the efforts made to constantly renew ourselves collaborate with major companies in the market.


Our strong point are effective and flexible IT solutions, technically unimpeachable and easy to use.

Our specialization consists of the integration of industrial systems, managing the whole process from traceability to processing.

We operate in the manufacturing sector of industrial automation and are born with the aim of offering tailored products and services, based on the needs of the individual customer.


The market is very large and diverse and, for this very reason, we have we wanted to focus on a particular type of customer base, the warehouses of Fruit.

We design and produce processing lines, processing and fruit selection and offer a complete service for fruit and vegetable warehouses.

Such completeness of products and services, allows us to propose ourselves as a partner reference to those working in the production, storage and marketing sector fruits and vegetables.

System Integrator