B2A designs and manufactures

components complete mechanical

products warehouse logistics.

Building on decades of

experience usage, management

and editing such machines.

B2A takes care of its realization with the eyes

customer and the designer’s mind:

reliable, fast and safe machines,

advanced technologies.

Laser security systems,

to prevent damage

without affecting productivity

Wireless power

induction system,

to avoid the use of lines

power to festoons,

bars or batteries

Bmec NIR

Compact, powered shuttle

induction, linear transport

1t platform, with a

allows, during

transport, rotation.

Bmec NI2

Double shuttle, powered

induction system, with a system

4-sided and retractable chains.

Bmec NR

Shuttle by rail, for the

1t platforms at high speed.

Bmec CTR

3 or 5-chain compact chains

movement of platforms

Euro 1000×1200, Trypack