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Device with Body Temperature Detection and Face Recognition

Tablet system to measure body temperature,

high-precision infrared imaging technology.

It has important and indispensable functions such as face detection

recognition, mask detection

and body temperature reading,

alarm or voice sensor if it exceeds the set temperature.

Accurately capture personal information

(such as facial information, identity information,

whether or not he wears a mask, etc.).

Through the camera’s field of view and temperature

surface area, can effectively help users manage

access rights and monitor the state of body temperature,

helping to prevent epidemics.

Its speed of recognition and high accuracy in detecting

temperature 0.3 s. human body is measured during

scanning the face, signaling any feverish states.

The device can be integrated

Access Control and Gates Control System

ISP image processing.

Users can manage offline access rights

uploading the face database to the device.

It can also be used with presence software

to achieve employee attendance management.

It can be widely used in residential access control,

offices and companies, shopping malls, medical practices, dentists, hospitals, airports.

Also suitable for low light and strong backlighting.

All data, access date, logon time, temperature,

if with mask, face image, name if entered in the portal.

The main advantage of the device is the

saving of staff employed in temperature scanning.

In fact, the system connected to access control allows you to manage

flow in environments.

In addition, being equipped with a degree IP66

waterproof and dust-resistant, you can also install it on the outside.

Temperature range from -20 degrees C to 60 degrees C

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