Btrace is a dedicated management


an integrated HW/SW system

that encloses the functions of the

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Allows you to plan the production.

centrally managing the processes

and sending labels, configuring the machines,

analyze productivity, manage warehouse

with movements and inventory.

In addition, by tracing all the steps of the goods,

provides traceability, according to the current rules.

Adaptable: The software is interfaced to the equipment

integrating them into a single system.

Workflows are defined according to the

customer’s process/methodology.

In this way Btrace does not impose itself on the customer but accompanies it,

increasing productivity and accuracy,

and preventing operators from having to enter multiple times

the same data in different systems.

Web-oriented: Btrace is web-oriented right away,

allowing operators in the plant,

access to the data of interest from any

PC, Smartphone, or Tablet.

Standards-based: the use of Microsoft software,

WindowsServer™ and SqlServer™.

increases the robustness of the system and facilitates

exchanging data with other software,

standard protocols, such as shared tables,

Web Services or Json interfaces.

Scalable: one to 100 lines,

the system grows as needed;

supported by adequate hardware,

manages multiple lines in parallel,

more devices, more processes.

Ready for the future: from Cloud systems to IoT (Internet of Things),

from cold cells to switchboards in the countryside,

Btrace is able to connect to various devices

to retrieve and/or communicate information.