New opportunities linked to the fourth industrial revolution.

The new organic measures plan

complementary, able to promote

investment in innovation,

made possible a further

development for our company

who, for years, has been working in mechatronics.

offers Italian companies

offers the right opportunities, such as



patent BOX,and more,

to make them part of this

essential flow aimed at


The expression “Industry 4.0” refers to a generated process

technological transformations in design,

manufacturing and distribution of manufacturing systems and products,

automated and interconnected industrial production.

In particular, you identify an organization based on

digitization of all stages of production processes:

a smart factory model of the future,

where the use of digital technologies allows you to monitor

physical processes and make decentralized decisions,

based on self-organization mechanisms,

resource management,

flexibility, productivity and product competitiveness,

that generate fruitful synergies between production and services.