Effective and new measures are being strengthened by 2020.

B2A has been operating for years

IT solutions,

automation and robotics

business, I offend

customers consulting in 360 degrees,

able to meet

higher quality standards.

The National Industry Plan 4.0

offers Italian companies

tools to seize

innovation opportunities

digital related to the fourth

industrial revolution.

The plan includes specific measures,

that take into account neutrality

technology, intervening with actions

horizontal factors and enabling factors.

The expression “Industry 4.0” refers to a generated process

technological transformations in design,

manufacturing and distribution of manufacturing systems and products,

automated and interconnected industrial production.

In particular, you identify an organization based on

digitization of all stages of production processes:

a “smart factory” model of the future,

where the use of digital technologies allows you to monitor

physical processes and make decentralized decisions,

based on self-organization mechanisms,

resource management,

flexibility, productivity and product competitiveness,

that generate fruitful synergies between production and services.

All businesses residing in the territory of the state can benefit from this,

regardless of the legal form,

from the economic sector they belong to, the size

income determination tax regime.