Logistics is a very complex process

and it’s very delicate because


storage and sorting of goods

which is one of the most important components

for a company’s production cycle.

“BinOculus” is our supervisory system

general of warehouses made totally

realistically represented 3D, simulating

with animations all the way of the merchandise

busy both outside and inside

production and storage unit, this allows

coordinated management of the flow of goods or materials,

their handling and storage.

“BinOculus” helps companies in the process of

organizational, management and strategic planning

external and internal to the company.

With“BinOculus”, Logistics

it’s entirely planned,

since the arrival of the goods,

from processing in all its passages,

from storage in warehouses,

withdrawal from storage points

until you get to the sale.

“BinOculus” uses technology

RFID capable of locating

and memorize your route

UDCs (Load Units)

bus drivers with forklifts.

The use of RFID technology in the system

storage and logistics process management

optimized operations

handling and management of goods,

while zeroing out the margins of error

and reducing control time more

and search for warehouse operators.